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The company associates are active members in some of the most recognized professional bodies both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Anca Grapini

PhD in commercial law - Merger and acquisitions - obtained in 2012, a masters degree in Financial administration of companies, and a European Economics bachellor degree from the Nottingham trent University, as well as a double bachellor degree in finance and law from the West University in Mrs. Grapini is well prepared to address a wide range of professional interest areas.

Since 2006, Anca is a chartered accountants, starting with 2007 she became an active member of Chamber of Financial Tax Advisors of Romania and since 2011 is certified auditor by Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania.

Anca Grapini has a combined experience of over 11 years in tax and accounting services, as well as audit.

Cosmin Grapini

With an experience of over 11 years in top management for an important group of Romanian companies, and high level training in company management he has gained the necessary experience required for an excellent Business Strategy Advising (BSA) consultant. His experience as well as his external consultancy skills have proven to be vital in business counseling services.

Since 2005 Cosmin Grapini is an UNCTAD consultant for entrepreneurial development and a National trainer for the UNCTAD EMPRETEC program.


Av. Razvan Gaina

Lawyer withing the Timis Barr Association, with an experience of over 10 years and specializing in Commercial, Tax and Civil law. Considering his training, Av. Gaina Razvan delivers legal advising and accounts receivable recovery services to our company and hence directly towards the benefit of our clients.


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